What Is Vlogging

What is Vlogging?

If you think that the subject in the title is misspelled for blogging, then you may be wrong. However, in one way or another, it has a close resemblance to it. Short for video log, vlog is a form of blog that uses video as its medium. Vlogging is considered more attractive to fans and audience as you only need to listen instead of reading text in a typical blog. Video blogs are more efficient in sending the message to its listeners and viewers. Just make sure before you start that you purchase the best vlogging camera for your skill level.

Historical Account Vlogging

It all started in the year 2000 when a musical artist posted a blog entry that comes along with a video. In the same year, an Associate Professor in one of the Universities in Australia pioneered the posting of a video that changes the text on a still image and coined it “Vog”.

Four years after, in 2004, vlogging become extremely popular on the net that it has been declared as the Year of the Video Blog. It just so happened that in 2005, a new site was launched on the web purposely built for video sharing. The site has become popular that it became the 5th Most Popular Web Destination back then with over 100 million videos. Of course, we are pertaining to YouTube.

Types of Vlogging

For an entry to be called a vlog, the material must be in a form of a video. It can be a combination of an embedded video that is further supported with text and photos. Here are some types of vlogs you can find on the net.

Personal Vlogs

A personal vlog is like a compilation of one’s personal videos that has been uploaded on a platform. The most common format is that a person records its individual activity for the purpose of introducing themselves or relaying a relevant information.

Most videos presented in a personal vlog has something to do with travel, various hobbies including sports, achievements, leisure and even daily routine like “Sharing to you a day of my life”.

Live / Broadcast Vlogs

Nowadays, popular video sharing platforms like YouTube offers live broadcasting. Most of the formats used in a live vlog are activities or happenings with significant importance. Like flash news for example, or documenting an accident that needs immediate emergency assistance.

Live broadcast vlogs can also include sports events especially during the finals game or a world championship match. The popularity of live vlogs has been adopted by several social media outlets, like Facebook and Instagram, where you can broadcast live anything you want that pertains to your life.

At the end of the day, vlogging has become an important tool in conveying the subject that you want to share. It is comparable to the old school video cam recording then play the recorded tape in a VCR set attached to a television monitor where you can invite family and friends to watch it over a box full of popcorn and soft drinks. But this time, vlogs can be seen not just by your family and close friends, but to all who have internet access.